“How’s THAT for a tag cloud?!”

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Finally got around to perusing my December, 2007 issue of Systematic Biology and saw this article by Godfray et al. about taxonomy and the Web. The authors provide nice summaries of emerging, alternative strategies for tackling the biodiversity and bioinformatics crises: CATE, uBio, DiGIR (to be replaced by TAPIR soon?), GBIF, Biodiversity Heritage Library initiative (how’s THAT for a tag cloud?!), ZooBank, TDWG, iSpecies, and Wikispecies (my least favorite; at least I am not yet totally convinced that this is a good model for taxonomy). I find it curious that the Encyclopedia of Life was barely mentioned (and never by name) in that article, especially given its high profile and funding level. I’ll have to remember to link some of these projects to our museum page, as we will undoubtedly be exploiting these resources and techniques to expose the data housed within our cabinets.
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