2010 International Year of Biodiversity

View Full Size ImageThe United Nations has been marking years for special observation since 1959. Since then, international relief agencies have rallied around Human Rights (1968), Apartheid (1978/79), Literacy (1994), and other issues that pose a global threat to sustained peace and prosperity. This year, the United Nations has named 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity. The message is pretty simple. Individual lives are dependent on a healthy network of life. Human activity in the form of industry and commerce poses a threat to the health of that network. Coordinated human activity is necessary to reduce that threat.

The umbrella is wide. Stay tuned for more updates about the International Year of Biodiversity as we cover issues ranging from endangered species to the discovery of sustainable alternatives to fuels and energy production. Activities, reports, and inspiration from a wide variety of local and international groups are available through the IYB website found here.
And become a fan of the official Facebook page here to participate in ongoing discussions and connect with others involved in facets of environmental protection that matter to you.

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