2016: A Banner Year for In-Copyright Content Added to BHL

The last quarter of 2016 continued the year’s steady growth in new permissions for in-copyright titles: 46 in October, November, and December, bringing the year-end total to 154! Major drivers of this growth were the Expanding Access to Biodiversity Literature project, staff at BHL participating institutions, and the worldwide BHL user community, which regularly identifies material and recommends it for digitization.

Below is the list of new titles for which BHL received permission in the fourth quarter of 2016. Note that many of the titles are not yet available in BHL because they are still being digitized or uploaded; check the recent additions page to see if a link has been added for a specific work or peruse In-Copyright Titles on the Permissions page.

American Arachnological Society

  1. Journal of Arachnology

Iowa Ornithologists’ Union

  1. Iowa Bird Life

Glasgow Natural History Society

  1. The Glasgow Naturalist

Instituto de Ciências Biológicas – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

  1. Oreades

Virginia Museum of Natural History

  1. Guidebooks
  2. Insects of Virginia
  3. Jeffersoniana
  4. Myriapodologica
  5. Special Publications: Checklist of the Millipeds of Middle and North America
  6. Memoirs

The Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club

  1. The History of the Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

  1. Annals of the Carnegie Museum
  2. Bulletin of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  3. Special PublicationsMemoirs of Carnegie Museum

Western Australian Museum

  1. Records of the Western Australian Museum

South Africa Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB)

  1. Smithiana Bulletin
  2. Smithiana Special Publication
  3. Fishes of the Southern Ocean
  4. Otolith Atlas of Southern African Marine Fishes
  5. Biology and Ecology of Fishes in Southern African Estuaries
  6. Revision of the Indo-Pacific Dottyback Fish Subfamily Pseudochromineae

American Fern Society

  1. Pteridologia

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

  1. Gulf Research Reports
  2. Gulf and Caribbean Research

Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union Birds Section

  1. Ornithological Report
  2. Bird Report

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

  1. Newsletter of the Cary Arboretum
  2. IES Newsletter
  3. Occasional Publications of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  4. EcoFocus

American Malacological Society

  1. American Malacological Bulletin
  2. Bulletin (American Malacological Union)Annual Reports
  3. Annual Meeting / News Bulletin & Annual Report
  4. Perspectives in Malacology
  5. Proceedings of the 2nd International Corbicula Symposium
  6. Entrainment of Larval Oysters

American Association of Zoo Keepers

  1. Animal Keepers’ Forum

Wyoming Native Plant Society

  1. The Castilleja

Kentucky Society of Natural History

  1. Annals of Kentucky Natural History
  2. Kentucky Naturalist News

Colorado Native Plant Society

  1. Colorado Native Plant Society Newsletter
  2. Aquilegia

Biodiversity Journal

  1. Biodiversity Journal

Geological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

  1. Voprosy mikropaleontologii (Questions of micropaleontology)

Thank you to the many individuals and institutions that have so generously given permission for these titles. If you have content you would like to see in BHL, or content you want digitized, please get in touch with the Expanding Access project by emailing Community Manager Patrick Randall at patrickrandall@fas.harvard.edu.

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Patrick Randall served as the Community Manager for the BHL Expanding Access to Biodiversity Literature project at the Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University from 2015-2017.