Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Congratulations to BHL-Europe

BHL-Europe is hosting a series of meetings in Berlin this week to celebrate the successful completion of their EU-funded project.  On Monday there was an international scientific symposium, "Communicating Biological Diversity," with a goal of reviewing the progress implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 20 years after its adoption.  Notes and presentations given will be made available on the symposium web site:

On Tuesday there is a review of the BHL-Europe project.  BHL Technical Director Chris Freeland has been closely involved in the project since before it began, having helped identify partners in 2007 who formed the BHL-Europe and submitted a bid to the EU for funding.  Chris was involved in a biking accident two weeks ago and was not able to travel to Berlin, so he put together the following video congratulating the BHL-Europe partners on their achievement:

On Thursday and Friday members of the Global Biodiversity Heritage Library will be meeting to discuss next steps in their ongoing collaboration to build a network of projects working together to digitize and share scientific literature at global scale.  A report of that meeting will be made available via this blog.

Coverage of all events is happening live via Twitter at #bhlib all week.  Be sure to follow @BHLEurope & @BioDivLibrary for other updates regarding BHL activities.


  1. Off topic, but if you still take requests these days (and it's around!), I'd love to see 'Vögel. Nach der neuen englischen Ausgabe des Herrn Thomas Pennant..' by JJ Haid in the 1770s. Ebay cite here: with the Pennant original at Biodiv here:

    Oddly enough, I saw an image in the background of a twitter profile pic (DasaPahor) and enquired about the artist etc.

    Anyway, if it's possible, great, if not, no worries. Thanks anyway, as always, for such a wonderful service.

  2. Paul, thanks so much for sending us those beautiful illustrations! So lovely. We searched the world's library holdings with all of our might and unfortunately the book is so rare that none of our partner libraries has a holding of the title.

    And yes, we do take user requests still. If you happen to find anything else that is of interest just send us the OCLC # and title info through our web feedback form which can be found at

    We love and follow your wonderful articles about Natural History and hope you keep it up! Best as always, Team BHL.