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View Full Size ImageA few weeks ago, we asked you what kind of posts you’d like to see more of here on the BHL blog. The landslide victor–with 9 votes!–is more posts about how researchers are currently using the resources available through BHL. So, meet Kevin de Queiroz. He’s a Research Zoologist working in the Smithsonian’s’ Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Amphibians and Reptiles Division. His current research centers on the phylogenetic relationships of various groups of lizards. He’s also interested in the development of the theory and practice of phylogenetic nomenclature (an approach to naming based on evolutionary principles); moreover, he’s the co-originator of the somewhat controversial PhyloCode. He uses BHL extensively both towards his own research involving the PhyloCode (among other research interests) as well as while editing/reviewing works submitted by other authors that are part of other projects.

Much of Dr. de Queiroz’ research requires access to the historical use of names. BHL provides that access which would have taken countless trips to research centers in multiple locations around the globe. As Dr. de Queiroz demonstrates, universal access to the wealth of knowledge housed in BHL has greatly enhanced scientists’ and researchers’ abilities to conduct their work from anywhere on the planet (on this side of the digital divide, anyway).

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