BHL Book of the Week

View Full Size ImageToday’s book of the week comes to us from an entomologist who also enjoyed a brief stint as a librarian. British beetles transferred from Curtis’s British entomology by Edward Wesley Janson exemplifies intellectual collaboration within the entomological community during the 19th century, when bug-collecting enjoyed heightened popularity among the general public.

While serving as Curator of the Collections for the Entomological Society of London, Janson published British Beetles (not to be confused with these guys!) with the help of his elder colleague’s intriguing illustrations. John Curtis was an English entomologist and illustrator who grew up drawing insects and pursuing entomological craft while apprenticing at a law office. His A guide to the arrangement of British insects, was an influential work with over 10,000 insect names. Click the image or the link below to view more about the book. Enjoy!

British beetles. Transferred from Curtis’s British entomology. With descriptions by E.W. Janson. (1863) Contributed by the Smithsonian Institution.

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