Introducing BHL SciELO!

BHL “Classic” as we often refer to ourselves, is pleased to introduce our latest global partner, BHL SciELO, from Brazil. Launched December 1st, 2010 in a public event at the Museum of Zoology of the University of Sao Paulo, BHL Brazil is implemented by the Scientific Electronic Library (SciELO) Program. Sharing BHL’s open access practices, they maintain an online multidisciplinary collection of quality journals which will total more than 700 titles by the end of this year.

The BHL-SciELO lauching event included scientific programming that shared information and experiences regarding challenges and next-steps for the BHL-SciELO Network Project. Abel L. Packer, Biodiversity Research Program Coordinater, spoke in depth about advancements already achieved and laid foundations for the next 3 years of work. Prominent Brazilian biodiversity related libraries will digitize their collections in the coming years according the principles, methodologies and procedures of the BHL and SciELO network.
Please join staff at BHL as we echo BHL Director Tom Garnett’s sentiments in the video posted above in warm welcome to our newest partners! 🙂

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Erin Thomas served as a Digital Collections Librarian at Smithsonian Libraries from 2009-2014.