April showers bring…new in-copyright content to BHL!

April, May, and June were busy months for processing license agreements and adding new in-copyright titles: 35 in all, bringing our total to 56 for the first half of 2016! Many licensors outside the BHL Consortium gave permission for their content, which adds contemporary scholarship to the collection already rich in legacy literature.

Below is the full list of in-copyright titles added between April 1st and June 30th, 2016. We thank the individuals and organizations who so generously gave BHL permission to make them available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license:

  1. Ohio Coleopterist Society
    1. Ohio Beetles Bulletin (2009–)
  2. Wim Vader and fellow editors
    1. Amphipod Newsletter (1972–)
  3. Maryland Ornithological Society
    1. Field List of the Birds of Maryland (3rd. Ed.)
    2. Maryland Birdlife (1945–)
    3. The Yellowthroat (1980–)
  4. Mantis Study Group
    1. Mantis Study Group Newsletter (1996-2007)
  5. Phasmid Study Group
    1. Phasmid Studies (1992–)
  6. Mary Bamas Pomeroy
    1. Favorite Wildflowers of the West Coast
  7. New York Entomological Society
    1. Bulletin of the Brooklyn Entomological Society (1923-1965)
    2. Entomologica Americana (1926-1975)
    3. Journal of the New York Entomological Society (1923-1999)
  8. Western Carolina Botanical Club
    1. Shortia (1979–)
  9. Southern California Botanists
    1. A Flora of the Santa Rosa Plateau, Southern California 
    2. Crossosoma (1975–)
    3. Endangered Plant Communities of Southern California
    4. Flora and Ecology of the Santa Monica Mountains (1st and 2nd Eds.)
    5. Leaflets (1992–)
    6. SCB News (1973-1991)
  10. Arkansas Native Plant Society
    1. Claytonia (1981–)
  11. Pacific Seabird Group
    1. Pacific Seabird Group Bulletin (1974-1993)
    2. Pacific Seabirds (1994–)
  12. Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University
    1. Bulletin of Popular Information (1911-1939)
    2. Arnoldia (1940–)
  13. Wildlife Conservation Society
    1. Zoologica (1907-1973)
  14.  Micropalaeontological Society
    1. A Stereo-Atlas of Ostracod Shells (1973-1999)
  15. Delaware Native Plant Society
    1. The Turk’s Cap (1998–)
  16. Tennessee Ornithological Society
    1. The Migrant (1930–)
    2. The Tennessee Warbler (2000–)
  17. Wilson Ornithological Society
    1. The Wilson Bulletin (1894-2005)
    2. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology (2006–)
  18. Queensland Museum
    1. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum (1912–)
  19. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
    1. Muelleria: An Australian Journal of Botany (1995–)
  20. Illinois Ornithological Society
    1. Meadowlark (1992–)
  21. Northern California Botanists
    1. Botanical Leaflets (2007–)

As in the previous quarter, most of the new titles are the result of the Expanding Access to Biodiversity Literature (EABL) project. EABL solicits print and digital materials from content providers across the United States, including small organizations with unique publications that reflect their niche research areas.

If you would like more information about how copyright information is displayed in BHL and how in-copyright content may be used, see the Licensing and Copyright page on the BHL wiki; for information about how to contribute in-copyright content and the complete list of in-copyright titles that BHL has secured permission for to date, see the Permissions page.

As always, check the blog and follow BHL on Facebook and Twitter (@BioDivLibrary) for updates on new content!

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Patrick Randall served as the Community Manager for the BHL Expanding Access to Biodiversity Literature project at the Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University from 2015-2017.