Thursday, December 6, 2007

"An amazing service ... "

"The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) today released a suite of name services that provide deep links into the rich and growing online collection of biodiversity materials. The BHL is a consortium of major natural history and botanical libraries, all of whom are contributing appropriate materials to be digitized and mounted online. These items are also contributed to the Internet Archive, and therefore are freely available for anyone to download. This alone would be worthy of attention, but the name services released today provide an amazing service to anyone interested in the literature of biodiversity."

Roy Tennant, Library Journal Blog, "Biodiversity Heritage Library Releases Name Services"
Roy Tennant discusses the BHL Name Service in his latest blog posting. Tennant also points out the usefulness of such tools in the digital library world.

- Martin Kalfatovic

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  1. It's amazing how technology has changed which allows cool new stuff like this to happen.

    Awesome stuff. Keep making new technology.