Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book of the Week: Animals of the Past

While much of the focus today has been concentrated on the existing life on planet Earth, and how to protect and preserve it, there is still a great deal of interest, and indeed things to be learned, from that life which has ceased to exist on our planet. With this in mind, we focus this week on the title Animals of the Past (1901) by Frederic A. Lucas. By his own admission, the author describes the intention of this book as:

As such, this book highlights some of the more interesting or popular of these ancient animals, a few of which will also be highlighted here through the beautiful illustrations found within its pages. Take some time to take a look at these and the other fascinating creatures of the past as we strive not only to learn in this present age, but also to learn from the past, so we do not lose what we have.

This week's book of the week, Animals of the Past (1901) by Frederic A. Lucas, was contributed by the Smithsonian Institution.

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