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The last several months have been an intense and exciting period of growth and expansion for BHL. Not only has the steady growth of collections continued but BHL as an organization has been growing as well. In the first two quarters of fiscal year 2014, three new Members and one new Affiliate joined BHL-Central. BHL’s global presence is expanding as well with one of those new Members also participating as a global node.

To learn more about each of the new BHL Members and Affiliate and what BHL has been up to across the globe, check out BHL’s latest newsletter and quarterly report. Covering both Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of Fiscal Year 2014, the latest report also includes updates on BHL meetings and collaborations as well as collections, usage, and financial updates.



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Carolyn Sheffield is the BHL Program Manager. As part of the BHL Secretariat based at Smithsonian Libraries, Carolyn helps manage the consortium’s partnerships and day-to-day operations. She also actively participates on many of BHL’s grant-funded projects and technical development initiatives. She holds a Masters of Library Science from the University of Maryland.