Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Introducing the BHL Technical Advisory Group

William Ulate, BHL Technical Director and I are pleased to announce the creation of the BHL Technical Advisory Group (BHL TAG). The BHL TAG will work with William and the Technical Development team at the Missouri Botanical Garden (Mike Lichtenberg and Trish Rose-Sandler) in an advisory capacity.

Members of the BHL TAG are:
  • Joe de Veer, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Erst Mayr Library, Harvard University
  • Chris Freeland, Washington University
  • Jenna Nolt, United States Geological Survey
  • John Mignault, New York Botanical Garden
  • Joel Richard, Smithsonian Libraries
  • Keri Thompson, Smithsonian Libraries (official lurker)
  • Frances Webb, Cornell University

(From left, Mike Lichtenberg, John Mignault, Joel Richard, Jenna Nolt, Frances Webb, Chris Freeland, Keri Thompson, not pictured, Joe de Veer)

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  1. Let me be the first one to congratulate and thank you all for kindly accepting this valuable and important role! I look forward to your guidance and recommendations... BTW, I got your coordinates on my speed dial now!