Major updates to BHL Portal released

BHL developers have released several significant updates to the BHL portal today. These updates include:

  • Display of materials scanned by Internet Archive. BHL now manages more than 2.8 million pages from 7,500 digitized scientific texts. To stay updated on new titles, view our Recent Additions and subscribe to our feeds.
  • Filtering by Contributing Library. When users select “Browse By:” functions, they can filter results using the “For:” dropdown to view, for example, Authors from the New York Botanical Garden, or a Map of titles scanned by Smithsonian Institution Libraries, or Titles from All Contributors.
  • Feedback tracking. Users can submit feedback or comments on records using the Feedback link at the top of the portal.

For a complete list of bugs and enhancements included in this release, visit our issue tracking web site.

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Chris Freeland served as the BHL Technical Director from 2006-2012. He is currently the Director of the Open Libraries program at Internet Archive. In this capacity he works with libraries & publishers to digitize their collections, working towards the Archive’s mission of providing “universal access to all knowledge.”