BHL participates in the GBIF-CoL-EOL-BHL-BOLD Summit at Naturalis

On 13 April 2015, BHL Program Director Martin R. Kalfatovic attended the GBIF-CoL-EOL-BHL-BOLD Summit at Naturalis in Leiden, Netherlands. This meeting followed on the preceding Catalogue of Life meeting in Oostende, Belgium. The meeting took place in the historic Pesthuis on the Naturalis campus.

Other participants were:

  • Donald Hobern, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
  • Peter Schalk and David Remsen, Catalogue of Life (CoL)
  • Tom Orrell, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)
  • Bob Corrigan, Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)
  • Alex Borisenko, Barcode of Life (BOLD)
  • Jeroen Snijders, Naturalis

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss synergy and explore potential for intensifying collaboration concerning infrastructure, software tools, and services. The aims is to align strategic plans and future developments.

Jeroen Snijders, Naturalis CIO, opened the meeting with an overview of Naturalis IT structure and capacity. He also outlined recent past and upcoming EU funding opportunities.

Each of the participants then gave overviews of their programs and presented opportunities for collaboration and de-duplication of effort.

The Naturalis senior management team from collections, scientific research, and research and education joined the group for lunch.

View Full Size ImageThe meeting concluded with a series of action items focused on aligning programs, developing interoperable resources, and sharing services and software tools.

The successful meeting built on existing partnerships and collaborations of the participants and provided a framework for advancing shared goals.

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Martin R. Kalfatovic is BHL Program Director and Associate Director, Digital Programs and Initiatives Division, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives. As the BHL Program Director, Mr. Kalfatovic functions as the executive director and manager of the international consortium of over 80 natural history, botanical garden, government, and university libraries engaged in the mass digitization of taxonomic literature. The position also serves as a key contact for government, NGO, and academic leaders at both the national and international level. Within his role at Smithsonian Libraries and Archives, Mr. Kalfatovic is responsible for the Libraries’ active Digital Library program. This program includes the creation of digital editions of library materials, online exhibitions, and new digital publications.