Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book of the Week: Amphibians and Reptiles Galore!

So often with scientific illustration, one finds that the depiction of species or specimens are limited to the isolated rendering of the subject in question, devoid of any habitat or environmental context that gives the reader a clear picture of what life is truly like for the animal in the wild. So, when we came across the illustrations in Deutschlands Amphibien und Reptilien. Eine Beschreibung und Schilderung sämmtlicher in Deutschland und den angrenzenden Gebietan vrokommenden Lurche und Kreichthiere (1897) by Bruno Dürigen, we knew we had to highlight them. Plus, the plethora of reptile and amphibian species displayed seemed equally worthy of attention. So, enjoy these selected illustrations from our book of the week, learn more about the species depicted in each in EOL, and imagine what life might be like in the wild for our cold-blooded friends. Plus, don't forget to take a look at the book in BHL to see all of the other illustrations that are not highlighted in this post!

5) Young European Frog
6) Spawn and Stages of Development of the European Frog

1-3) Larval Stage
4) Adult

1) Female
2) Male
3) Black Species Type

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